History. The NIDEC MOTORS & ACTUATORS history and how it all began.

History. The NIDEC MOTORS & ACTUATORS history and how it all began.
  • History: 1923 - 1969

    1923 Creation of SWF in Stuttgart-Feuerbach ("Spezial Werkzeugfabrik Feuerbach"), manufacturing hand-tools, such as screw drivers and drills Linie
    1927 SWF starts supplying the automotive industry with (Driving direction indicators) Linie
    1936 Renamed to SWF Spezialfabrik für autozubehör Gustav Rau GmbH Linie
    1942 Activity moved from Stuttgart-Feuerbach to Bietigheim Linie
    1950 Restart of business with the German car-industry Linie
    1960’s Opening of various subsidiary plants (Wemding, Bäumenheim, Ehingen, Neuses). Linie

  • History: 1972 - 1997

    1972 SWF acquired by ITT and integrated into the ITT-Automotive activity Linie
    1973 NIDEC created by Shigenobu Nagamori, focusing on precision motor research and manufacture Linie
    1980's SWF starts production in their new North American factory in Mississauga, Canada, supplying Chrysler with Front-wiper systems and a new factory in Madrid, Spain starting with Rear-wiper motors Linie
    1993 All European ITT automotive activities are merged into ITT-Automotive Europe GmbH Linie
    1994 ITT Corporation and General Motors/ACG form an 80/20 joint venture with the Delco Chassis Division Motors and Actuators Business Unit (MABU) forming Electrical Systems Inc. (ESI) Linie
    1997 ITT acquires the remaining 20% share of ESI joint venture from GM Linie

  • History: 1998 - 2005

    Sept. 1998ITT-Automotive Electrical Systems Inc (part of ITT-Automotive) acquired by Valeo and renamed VESI. Valeo Wipers Systems Branch becomes the Valeo Wipers Systems and Electric Motors Branch. Linie
    1999 The Santa Perpetua factory in Spain is built. The engine cooling motors activity of the Valeo Martorellas plant is transferred to Santa Perpetua. Linie
    Jan 1, 2000 To strengthen the development of the electrical motors activity, Valeo Motors & Actuators (VMA) is created as an independent Branch. Linie
    2001 VMA buys shares that GCI owns in CISCO, implemented at San Luis de Potosi, Mexico and the activity is transferred to Juarez, Mexico. Linie
    2002-2003 The VMA Bietigheim site is modernized including the manufacturing plant & offices. Linie
    2003 The VMA activity is refocused into three main divisions:
    Motors & Actuators Division, North America: Product Line: Occupant Comfort & Convenience
    Airflow Europe: Product Line: Airflow motors for Engine cooling
    Motors Europe: Product Line: Occupant Comfort and Convenience
    2005 A new VMA site is opened in Zielonki, Poland. The following product lines are manufactured at this new site: Doorlock actuators, Seatbelt adjusters, Sunroof motors, Hatch and Tailgate motors Linie

  • History: 2006 - now

    Dec. 2006Motors & Actuators activity of Valeo acquired by Nidec Corporation of Kyoto, Japan and renamed NIDEC MOTORS & ACTUATORS (NMA) Linie
    2007 NMA is globally reorganized around six major Product Lines: Braking, Automotive Closures, Airflow, Automotive Seat Adjusters, Custom Actuators & Industrial Drives Linie
    2009 New plant opened in Niepolomice, Poland to address increasing product volumes. NMA Chinese production transferred from Shanghai to NIDEC (DALIAN) LIMITED Linie